Submission Guidelines

Welcome to The Laughter Shack.

There is no better sound than laughter... BJ Titzengolf ~ 19.. - Present.

I'm a huge fan of 'silly' comedy like the Carry On films.  I love a bit of 'slap-stick' and comedy sketch shows.  One-liners are a perfect finish to a funny story.  What I'm looking for are short pieces (up to 500 words) of this type of comedy.  Make me laugh out loud and roll on the floor with my sides splitting.

Any genre is accepted.  You got a zombie telling a a funny story to a hit-man who's stood next to a transvestite prostitute being served by a serial killer barman, then send it in.  If it makes me laugh and is well written, well edited and well formatted it's got a great chance of being accepted.

WHAT I DON'T WANT.  I don't want to read "jokes" and I certainly don't want to read jokes that are other peoples work!  I get enough of those sent to me by text and email.  Anything that is remotely familiar to me will be queried.  Plagiarism isn't tolerated.

I would prefer new work, but reprints are accepted.

OK, the nitty gritty.  Send your work to  In the subject line put: Submission - Comedy - "Your Name".  Paste your piece into the body of an email.  No major formatting required.  One line break between paragraphs.  No need to indent the first line of a paragraph.  Let's keep it simple.

PLEASE say hello.  There's nothing more annoying than receiving a story on a blank email.  Manners cost nothing, and talking of things for free, unfortunately there will be no payment for stories.  At this time, the fact that your work is being read by a new audience is all I can offer.  One day, who knows?

I will aim to respond to all submissions within 1-2 weeks.

All rights remain with the author.  Stories will remain visible on the magazine in the archives.  If you need your story removed from the archives (for whatever reason) please email Joanne Kallott at above address and she will try to do it.

If the magazine goes well and we decide to do something that may sell, then the appropriate actions will take place.  That may well never happen, but who knows!

If I've missed anything out on this page please shout, Mike Oxlong, who will do absolutely nothing about it!

Thank you!

Bring it on people.

BJ Titzengolf - Editor.